At the triangulation of spirituality, science, and the sacred

there’s a sweet spot. 

It’s inner clarity. 

Embodied authenticity. 

The integration of everything you love and everything you hate about yourself. 

It’s a reclamation. 

A rebirth. 

A still, small voice 

That has survived tidal waves

That has kept you swimming 

Kept you vigilant

Kept you vibrant


It’s nothing new

In fact, it’s as ancient as time itself

Except now, you’re ready to hear it


Let’s dive in - 


Phoenix Rising

 Patreon Community

Monthly guided meditations, movements, member-only group healings and more! 

Root to Rise

 1:1 and Group Coaching

Root to Rise is my signature coaching curriculum that combines somatics, embodiment, wisdom traditions, and spiritual principles to help you anchor into your truth and rise into your purpose.

Sacred Sanctuary

Distance Healing + Oracle Card Readings

Olivia is a Reiki healer and energy worker. In these intuitive healing sessions, we work with healing the energetic and emotional body to support healing of the physical body. Oracle card readings help to tap into your intuition and get guidance from the universe.