It's time to Remember who the Fuck you are. 


This phrase -

or some form of it, feels like it's everywhere. 


We’re constantly told to take our power back,

to reclaim our truths, to step into our deeper knowing. 


Sounds nice, right?


But what does that all actually look like when we’re

living in a world that feels like it’s in constant chaos? 


When we can’t open the news without another wave hitting us? 

When we’re bone tired from being collectively gaslit?

When we’re in a constant reactive mode?  


Oppressive forces flourish when we believe ourselves to be any less powerful

then we truly are. 


But the deepest truth? 


 Is that the call that you feel, deep in your bones? 

That things aren’t supposed to be this way? 

That fire you feel in your heart when you see injustice? 


That is your power. 

That is your remembering. 


Let’s unlock your power together, in

Root to Rise: The Collective Healing


Root to Rise: 

The Collective Healing


Root to Rise: The Collective Healing is an 8 week group coaching container.  Using the Chakra System as a roadmap, I will guide you through somatic, energy, and mindset tools to help you dive deeper into your healing healing journey. You will be held and witnessed in community. 


We will: 

-  integrate practices of self regulation to help us calm our nervous systems⁣

- understand our bodies - physically and energetically - on a deeper level⁣

- allow ourselves to be seen and held in community ⁣

- understand that we are only human - and we are so much more than that ⁣

- reclaim the tools of self empowerment that have been hidden from us.  ⁣

And as a result, ⁣

We will show up more fully. ⁣

We embrace our autonomy. ⁣

We remember our power. ⁣

We trust ourselves - and we trust each other. ⁣


And we will be all the more un-fuck-withable


Heal Yourself

Heal the World. 

The Curriculum: ​

  • Week 1 - Opening Ceremony + Intention Setting

    • We start with an opening ceremony. This will be an opportunity for you to set your personal intentions for the next 8 weeks, as well as to share and witness your other participants. 

  • Week 2 - Root + Ground

    • This week will be focused on healing principles and practices centered around our Root Chakra. 

    • The Root is exactly what it sounds like - our grounding, centering, our right to be here and take up space

  • Week 3 - Create + Play ​

  • This week will be focused on healing our Sacral Chakra - the home of our creativity, inner child, sensuality, and play. 

  • Week 4 - Trust + Reclaim

    • This week will be focused on healing our Solar Plexus Chakra - the home of our self trust, self knowing, and our power. 

  • Week 5 - Love + Bridge 

    • This week will be focused on the Heart Chakra - the home of our love, the bridge between our humanity and the divine

  • Week 6 - Share + Speak

    • This week will be focused on the Throat Chakra - a direct connection to our Sacral Charka, our throat is how we speak our truth 

  • Week 7 - Intuit + Vision

    • This week will be focused on the Third Eye Point - our intuition, foresight, and inner vision live here. 

  • Week 8 - Clarity + Vision 

    • In this week, we will focus on our Crown - our connection to the ether, to the collective, and to our deepest knowings. 

    • This week will also be our closing ceremony. 


When you join, you’ll also receive these amazing bonuses: 


  • New + Full Moon Rituals  

  • Weekly (Optional) Energy Healing + Integration Sessions 

  • Personalized Essential Oil Blends

  • Community Group (either through FB or other Modalities) 



**additional scholarships + payment plans available**

Early Bird - 3 month

Payment Plan $333/month 

Early Bird

 Pay In Full $888

Early Bird - 6 month

Payment Plan $166/month 


Meet your Facilitator


Hi, love! My name is Olivia, pronouns are she/her. I’m a Transformational Coach and Energy healer. My work is the triangulation of spirituality, science, and the sacred, with a focus on the fusion of somatic practices and energy work. I hold intentional and trauma informed space that facilitates my clients' expansion into deep healing and radical self acceptance. I also integrate plant medicine, holistic modalities, a love for storytelling and a deep reverence for the human spirit into my work.  





Root to Rise: The Collective Healing  is for you if… 


  • You are ready to dive more deeply into your physical, emotional, and energetic healing

  • You want to integrate somatic (body) based practices into your daily life + healing journey

  • If you’ve been feeling lost and lonely, and are looking for genuine, sacred, trauma informed community 

  • You’re looking to ground yourself amidst the chaos of our current world

  • You’ve been drawn to healing (read energy/wooy/witchy) work, but aren’t sure where to start

  • You’ve done mindset and accountability coaching, but still feel like something deeper is missing

  • You’re interested in learning more about the Chakra system and looking to integrate this learning into your lifestyle + the space you hold for others 



Root to Rise: The Collective Healing is not for you if… 


  • You dislike group containers and require a lot of 1:1 support (if so, let’s chat!!) 

  • Now isn’t a good time to make a bigger investment - (if so, let’s talk about payment plans, scholarships and you can join my Patreon membership!)




Those who lead with hate do so with a conviction that ripples beyond themselves. We all feel it. 


You are being called to lead with love - and be so convicted that it ripples in waves that are never ending. 


Testimonial for the Root to Rise Curriculum: 


“This. Will. Help. This is what you have been looking for: something different than what your insurance wants to cover, different that what you’ve heard in church, different than what you’ve seen on youtube. Root to Rise has completely altered my life because I said yes and Olivia ran with my agreement and met me where I was.


I’m awake now.”


We start October 31st.